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Turanj is a tourist resort connected with the centre of Sv. Filip i Jakov via promenade "Lungo mare,” while in front of it is the island of Babac.
Turanj was named after ruins of medieval fortress. In the centre there is a church dedicated to Lady of Carmel dating back to the 15th century whose day is especially celebrated. Thus during the tourist season in addition to this festivity there is the festivity of Turanj attracting visitors with its traditional program.

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Outside of the town of Turanj in the immediate vicinity of the coast there is a church of Sv. Marija (St. Mary) in the place of Tukljača, while on the island of Babac there is a church of Sv. Andrija (St. Andrew) (13th to 15th century). Above the town in the place of Crni krug which today is also a gazebo that can be reached by bicycle or walking path, there are ruins of a castle dating back to the Iron Age, while the archaeological area of Tukljača is also worth of mention.

Today Turanj has numerous private rooms and suites meeting high standards as well as a large number of smaller campsites for cars and good restaurant offer which will satisfy the needs even of those most hard to please.

Come to Turanj and you will be far from crowds but still in the centre of all events. In the midst of the Adriatic Sea, in the channel of Pašman, on the road between Zadar and Šibenik there are 15 km of attractive coast with peaceful and clean coves and a range of small islands, of which the island of Babac is the biggest and most interesting one for excursions. You can come easily and quickly to Turanj by using bus lines, railway to Zadar, as well as daily line Rijeka – Zadar and several times a week Ancona – Zadar. There is a possibility of coming to Zadar airport, which is 25 km away.

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